There are many paths you can take to reach success.

That’s why Versa Marketing, Inc.’s customer contract manufacturing process at Valley International Cold Storage in Harlingen, Texas, starts by understanding your retail goals. We then take into consideration your current product mix and what you foresee in the future. We figure out your unique market opportunities for private label foods based on our extensive category knowledge, consumer insights and methods of research and development.

Our custom frozen food manufacturing process has made us an unparalleled private label foods leader in creating custom frozen food solutions that create success for our customers. And we can do the same for you.



Sourcing is our strength. Versa sources large quantities of vegetables, proteins, starches, and sauces giving you the savings from our economies of scale.

We have ready access to specialty, organic, and all-natural, gluten-free ingredients.

Fresh vegetables

Our ingredients are fresh and delicious.


Our products are packed at Valley International Cold Storage in Harlingen, Texas. This state-of-art facility is 190,000 square feet, NSF Grade A, USDA approved and is Certified both Organic and Gluten Free.

The modern facility is strategically located near product sources to ensure freshness and wholesomeness of the product.

  • 4,100,000 cubic feet of -10° freezer area
  • 250,000 cubic feet of +37° cooled area
  • Storage areas fully racked
  • Dock areas maintained at 37°F year-round freezers at -10° F.

Our team approach and efficient custom frozen items manufacturing capabilities streamline logistics from custom frozen food concept development through production to final destination.

Our sauces and oatmeal are made to order on site.

Valley International Cold Storage is strategically located in the center of the United States, and we have all the traffic lanes covered to ship to our customers distribution facilities.


Foods are stored at 37° from production to shipping.


Valley International Cold Storage has qualified individuals monitoring and assuring each step of the repack process. QA personnel ensure products are packed according to customers' product specifications, and in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and municipal food and health requirements.

USDA Approved seal
USDA Approved
HACCP seal
NSF seal
NSF Grade A
USDA Organic seal
USDA Organic
Quality Packed

Quality assurance is a key part of our production lines.